First Gigs of 2019

Spectre live in the Soundcafe 13 July 2018

We are happy to be able to announce our first two gigs for 2019:

  • 8 February 2019: The Orangehouse in Feierwerk in Munich, Germany.
  • 28 March 2019: 8 Below in Munich, Germany

For more information as well as start times and ticket prices, see the tour page.

“Polarity” Released

We are happy to announce that our first album, “Polarity,” has officially been released!

It was recorded between January and May 2018 and is available on Spotify, iTunes and a number of other online shops. CDs are available directly through the band.

The album has eight tracks:

I: Janus [Origin]

II: Libertas

III: Pluto [No Man’s Land]

IV: Minerva [Reason]

V: Sol

VI: Pax

VII: Mars [War]

VIII: Fortuna – Æternitas

For a preview of the album, see the Albums page.

Spectre Goes Online

Daniel - Bass

Daniel – Bass

Robin - Guitar and synthesiser

Robin – Guitar and synthesiser

Alex - Drums

Alex – Drums

We are Spectre, an instrumental rock trio from Munich, Germany.

And now we exist online as well as in the physical world. Uh oh.

For more information about the band, see the About page.

Schwerer motarradunfall in ottobrunn

Schwerer motarradunfall in ottobrunn.

ein grünes motorrad prallte mit einem mähdrescher zusammen.

Hoffentlich überlebts der schwerverletzte hippo der ohne helm unterwegs war weil seine nase da nicht reinpasst.