About Spectre

Spectre 2020

Spectre is a progressive metal/rock band from Munich, Germany. The band currently consists of five members: Alex (dr., programming), Daniel (b.), Arthur (voc.), Ines (keys) and Robin (git., synth., samples).

Spectre’s style can be described as modern progressive metal with a technical influence from other musical styles such as post rock and even electronic. A type of music is thus created that is characterised by its dense atmosphere and complexity. Another aspect that defines Spectre is the openness and versatility in their music.

The first eight original songs were integrated into the band’s first album, “Polarity,” which appeared in July 2018 and is available both physically at the band’s concerts as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

The band’s next projects are already in the works: the recording of an EP as well as the integration of vocals.



Spectre was founded by Alex (dr., programming) and Daniel (b.) as an instrumental band in the summer of 2016. Robin soon joined as guitarist and, as the third member, completed the band’s first line up.

In the practice room, the band began developing their first concepts and ideas. Several songs were written that combined an atmospheric soundscape with the solid foundation of modern rock and metal. The best way to describe this style is as (at least then still) instrumental progressive metal with post-rock influence. At the same time, the band endeavors to be experimental, versatile and musically open.

The songs are connected by a progressional concept which will be continued in future projects. On the band’s first album, “Polarity”, this concept is based on Roman gods as well as the associated planets and their characters.

The debut was recorded in the first months of the year 2018 and is available at the band’s shows as well as on online platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

Since April 2019, the band has been supported by the keyboardist, Ines, which transformed the instrumental trio. In October of the same year, the singer, Arthur, also joined. With both new members, the band is currently recording the EP “…in the Shadows” which will keep the experimental and atmospheric character of the music which will be supported by the new element of singing.