About Spectre


Spectre is a progressive metal/rock band from Munich, Germany. The band currently consists of four members: Alex (dr., programming), Daniel (b.), Ines (keys) and Robin (git., synth., samples) and is currently in the process of converting itself from an instrumental lineup to a band with vocals.

Spectre’s style can be described as modern progressive metal with a technical influence from other musical styles such as post rock and even electronic. A type of music is thus created that is characterised by its dense atmosphere and complexity. Another aspect that defines Spectre is the openness and versatility in their music.

The first eight original songs were integrated into the band’s first album, “Polarity,” which appeared in July 2018 and is available both physically at the band’s concerts as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

The band’s next projects are already in the works: the recording of an EP as well as the integration of vocals.



Alex (drums) and Daniel (bass) founded the band in mid-2016 with the idea of playing instrumental music with only a few people. Robin joined shortly thereafter as the third member bringing his guitar into the mix. After lots of experimenting at the beginning, we were able to establish our own concepts and ideas. We developed these into the first original songs in our practice room as well as our own musical style with the notion to connect our own innovative soundscape with a solid foundation of modern metal and rock. Our style can best be described as instrumental progressive rock/metal with post-rock influences. The songs are experimental, versatile, without singing or lyrics and are connected to each other by a shared concept. For that reason, the songs are named after Roman gods that correspond to the musical character of each song and that should spur the imagination of the listener.

We began recording our first album at the end of 2017 and after much sweat, blood and patience, we are now able to proudly present the results: our first album, “Polarity”!

In 2019, Spectre gained a member when keyboardist, Ines, joined the lineup to bring more creative input into the band’s songs as well as to help facilitate their growing need for keyboard in their songs.

We have several ideas and visions that are waiting to be implemented. We always try to stay musically open and adventurous and therefore don’t hesitate to include sounds in our music that are rather unusual and thus rarely seen in rock or metal. The second album is already underway and we are excited to see where it will take us!

Our album, “Polarity”, can be purchased at our shows. We are also on Spotify and iTunes.